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provide people who have specialized skills in visual and practical arts to get a challenging and rewarding career. It's graduated more than 30,000 students so far. The institute is authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to award Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degrees. Most of all, the institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The accreditation means that the institute meets or exceeds their stated criteria of educational quality. - exposing the art institutes

The skill Institute Online, which is a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, provides online degree programs. This serves to provide an opportunity for individuals who cannot attend on-campus programs to satisfy their dreams of getting the qualifications they want. The bachelor degrees being offered are Graphic Design, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Interior Design and Interactive Media Design. The associate degrees being offered are Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design. The courses offered through associate's degree program are fully transferable to bachelor's degree program in the Art Institute Online.

Do you like creating graphics? Should you, you can consider taking the Graphic Design course. This course aims to equip students with design and inventive problem-solving skills. The students can pick to specialize in areas such as corporate design, editorial design, advertising, book design, environmental design and entertainment design. Graphic design requires a combination of design flair and creative imagination.

If you think that your interest and creativity is based on the hospitality and food service area, the institute's Hotel and Management course may that suits you. This interesting course focuses on aspects of hotel management for example front room and front office procedures, kitchen preparation process along with other fundamental behind-the-scenes operations. It really is facilitated by a band of instructors who have vast professional experience with their respective fields. This program prepares students for a career in catering, banquet events, hotel lounges and lots of other hospitality and food service positions. Perhaps, after completing the program, you may want to set up a restaurant serving your own personal unique food!

Would you like what you see once you walk into a building, meeting room, restaurant or pub? How can you feel when you see the interiors of such places? If you have the chance, would you want to change the interior decorating of these places? The inner design and decoration of the place has an impact on a person's mood and emotion. If you are keen in creating a pleasing environment for folks to enjoy, you can consider utilizing the Interior Design course. This course will give you the skills to make wonderful environments which lots of people would appreciate and luxuriate in. With the appropriate skills and a few creativity, you can turn a boring design to a stunning one.

If you prefer working with computers and also combine your creative skills and computer systems, you can consider enrolling in the Interactive Media Design course. This program focuses on areas including visual design, digital image manipulation, multimedia system design, audio, web design, scripting, video, animation, text, and business and project management.

If you want to obtain skills and knowledge to attain entry level positions in graphics or interactive media design, you can look at doing the associate degrees first. It is possible to opt to do the bachelor degree courses afterwards. As mentioned before, the courses taken in the associate's degree level are fully transferable towards the bachelor's degree program.

Discovering your passion and fulfilling the ideal in art and design is not an impossible venture. You need to give yourself a chance of unleashing your creativity in this field. If you have a dream of excelling in the realm of art and design but don't know exactly where to start, you can consider taking up a course. With all the advancement in telecommunication technology, the program can now be delivered online. The skill Institute Online provides online courses which give you tremendous flexibility and freedom. Learn any time you like and also at any place you feel comfortable. - exposing the art institutes